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The Wonders of Wool Carpet

Carpet Flooring, Flooring | 8 July 2021

Did you know wool has been used to make floor coverings for thousands of years? The oldest wool carpet was found in Siberia dating back to 500 BC. While the...

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The Comeback of Laminate Flooring

Flooring, Laminate | 6 April 2020

Over the last few years, the comeback of laminate flooring has made laminate one of the most popular flooring options available on the market. At Atmosphere Flooring, we know that...

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The Importance of Floor Surface Preparation

Whether installing hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, or any other type of flooring, we cannot stress the importance of floor preparation enough. At Atmosphere Flooring in Chilliwack, we take the time...

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Flooring Transitions 101

Flooring, Flooring Accessories | 3 October 2019

Flooring transitions can play an important role in the interior design of any home or commercial building. Understanding the role of transitions and how they can improve the overall aesthetic...

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5 Common Home Flooring Questions

Flooring | 7 August 2019

As home flooring experts, we receive a lot of great questions from customers coming into visit us at our Chilliwack flooring store. We like to refer to ourselves as “flooring...

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Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

At Atmosphere Flooring in Chilliwack, we are proud to call ourselves flooring nerds. From hardwood and carpet to vinyl and tile, we are obsessed with all types of flooring. At...

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2019 Flooring Colour Trends

Flooring | 30 November 2018

As a flooring store in Chilliwack, BC, it is important to always stay on the forefront of interior design trends. One of the biggest trends that the team at Atmosphere...

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Eco-Friendly Flooring Products

Flooring | 1 June 2018

Eco-friendly flooring products are becoming increasingly popular as both builders and homeowners are becoming more aware of the impact that their flooring decisions have on our environment.  The flooring industry...

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Flooring Colour Trends for 2018

Flooring | 13 December 2017

What exactly is a trend, anyway? Is it the same thing as a fad? Trends and fads are in fact, not the same. A fad is short-lived, whereas a trend...

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Bathroom Floor Trends

Flooring | 8 November 2016

Last month we wrote about upcoming kitchen floor trends and how to stay ahead of the curve. This month we decided to continue on course and write about bathroom floor...

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