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2019 Flooring Colour Trends

Flooring | 30 November 2018

As a flooring store in Chilliwack, BC, it is important to always stay on the forefront of interior design trends. One of the biggest trends that the team at Atmosphere Flooring is always paying attention to is flooring colour trends. Whether it is for a commercial flooring project or a home flooring project, incorporating the latest flooring trends can help boost the aesthetic of any interior space.

When we want to see which colours are going to trend, we look to paint, fashion and automobile manufacturers as sources of information and inspiration. These industries have a significant impact on many different aspects of interior design including flooring. With 2019 just around the corner, we thought we would shed light on 2019 flooring colour trends. 

How are flooring colour trends impacted?

When it comes to flooring trends, not all years are the same. Some years, there is a drastic change in trends which impacts the types of products available to consumers. Other years, the changes aren’t as drastic or impactful. This is partly driven by the economy and other macro factors.

With the 2019 flooring colour trends, we are going to see a continuation of jewel tones in deep reds, dark purples, leafy greens, bright, juicy citruses such as orange and yellow, with a transition into softer shades of the same jewel tones (think teal to watery blue, red to blush tones, etc.). Dusty rose has become more of a blush tone, and of course there are always the neutrals such as grey, brown, beige, and soft white to pair with these colours. According to the Chinese Horoscope, white, orange, red, pink, and grey are the Feng Shui lucky colours of 2019, along with earthy colours like brown and yellow.

What does this mean for choosing finishes and colours?

Flooring colour trends are continuing with the greys and beach colours like sand and driftwood; however, greys are shifting into a warmer shade than before. Whitewashing colours before applying stains and effects is more prevalent, which adds to the lighter beach colours.  

When we think of colour groupings or pairings, we compare it to choosing the right wine to complement a meal. Each element works to bring out the best in each other. Lighter, natural floors are a great pairing with any of the forecasted colours, depending on what look you are would like to achieve.  The lighter beach colours that are trending can either be paired with the jewel tones for high contrast and an energized mood, or the softer watery shades and other neutrals for a more serene environment.  The same can be said of grey floors. In either case, care should be taken to not clash the undertones of any of the colours.

If you would like to learn more about flooring trends for 2019, please feel free to give us a call, fill out a contact form on our website or visit our Chilliwack flooring store. We love to talk all things flooring including colour, texture and options with our customers.

At Atmosphere Flooring in Chilliwack, BC, we have an in-house interior designer and interior decorator who are always happy to help you work colour trends and forecasts into your design.