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Choosing the Right Colour Flooring

Flooring | 19 September 2016

Choosing a colour of flooring that is most suitable for your home or commercial building is no easy task. With so many different colours available for each category of flooring, the task can quickly transform itself into an overwhelming chore. To help make the process less burdensome, we’ve included some simple tips that will allow you to make a more informed decision when choosing a new colour of flooring. Before you commit to a floor colour, consider these four things.

First, consider the type of flooring you want

Before choosing a floor colour, first decide which type of flooring you want to install. Certain types of flooring will have more colour options than others. For instance, carpet flooring and tile flooring offer more colour options than hardwood flooring. It’s also important to remember that the same colour of flooring will look different depending on the type of flooring. White tile flooring will have a slight variation in appearance when compared to white carpet flooring or white vinyl flooring. For functional purposes, it is important to first decide on the type of flooring you want, and then choose its colour and not vice versa.

Pay attention to the amount of natural light entering the room

The amount of natural light entering a room will have a significant impact on the appearance of the floor. Consider what time of day the room will be used the most. A room with windows that is primarily used in the daytime could benefit from a contrast in dark coloured flooring. On the other hand, a room with minimal natural lighting could appear dim and depressing with darker flooring. Think about what type of mood you want to convey with the room and go with a colour that helps portray this mood the best.

The size and floor plan of the room are important

Before choosing a floor colour, examine the size of the room and its floor plan. Decide whether or not you want the room to appear small and cozy or large and spacious. Believe it or not, a floor’s colour can help achieve either. Dark coloured flooring will help depict a warm and cozy vibe whereas light coloured flooring can often make a room appear much larger than it is.

Keep in mind the colour of the walls and furniture

Flooring isn’t the only factor that will impact the overall feel of a room. The room’s furniture and walls will play an equally important role. Many people make the mistake of selecting a floor colour based off of an empty room. Avoid this omission by taking the colour of the walls and furniture into consideration. Ideally, a room’s ambiance should be achieved through a combination of all the room’s elements working together in supporting roles.

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