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Choosing Commercial Flooring for Your Home

Uncategorized | 2 October 2018

Why should you consider choosing commercial flooring for your home? 

Believe it or not, many people are now choosing commercial flooring over residential flooring for their homes. At Atmosphere Flooring in Chilliwack, BC, we are beginning to see this trend more and more among homeowners with hardwood floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, tile floors and carpet floors. Before making the switch, there are a few things to consider.

Commercial floors are built stronger

While there are many high-quality floors designed for residential use, commercial flooring is designed to withstand heavier foot traffic, moisture and general wear and tear.  If you live in a quiet home with very little foot traffic and light use, then it might not be as important to you to have flooring that is rated for a heavier use; however, if your home is prone to heavy foot traffic, installing commercial flooring might be worth the switch. 

Commercial floors can last longer

Since commercial flooring is most often made of higher-quality materials, it stands to reason that there would be a higher cost associated.  Flooring rated for commercial use will last longer than flooring rated for residential use, thus reducing the need to repair or replace your flooring as often.  This can add up to long-term savings, and less disruption to your home.

Improved styles with commercial flooring

At Atmosphere Flooring in Chilliwack, BC, we are seeing a cross-over from commercial flooring to residential flooring more often than in the past. This can be partly attributed to a growing trend in styles with a loft, rustic or industrial aesthetic, but it can also be attributed to the increase in residential-styled commercial flooring design.

Commercial flooring offers choices to the homeowner that may not have been thought of when considering options in the past.  As an example, carpet tile is frequently used in commercial, industrial and institutional spaces.

Unlimited Patterns and Colours

There are almost unlimited patterns and colours, and those patterns can often be further enhanced by installing the tiles in a quarter turn. Carpet tile is installed using a pressure sensitive glue. This allows the customer to remove any carpet tiles that may become damaged over time, and replace them with a fresh carpet tile. The same can be said for vinyl planks or vinyl tiles.  They originally came to prominence in commercial spaces, and then moved into a more common use in residential spaces.

They can also be replaced easily if there is any damage.  The commercially-rated vinyl planks or vinyl tiles are thicker, with a thicker wear layer as well.  Commercially-rated laminates can withstand heavier foot traffic than residentially-rated laminates.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of choosing commercial flooring for your home, contact Atmosphere Flooring in Chilliwack, BC by filling out a form on our website or giving us a call at 604-795-5577. Our team of flooring professionals would be happy to answer any questions you may have. The possibilities are endless!